Helpful hints


Curtains usually have some creases in them when new - mostly from the folding and packing process. Once they are hung, their own weight will help the creases to drop out. Keep the atmosphere warm and leave them drawn if possible. Persistant creases will respond to a clothes steamer if you have one.

Drawing up tapes

Draw up the heading tape for each curtain to the measurement of the track/pole plus 5cms (2"). This enables them to meet easily in the centre and maximises the fullness across the track. Make sure pleats are evenly spaced and strings are securely tied.


Get cuttings of your favourite fabrics and lay them out near the window where they will hang. Natural light changes with the time of day and artificial lighting can give a harsher effect. In general curtains will appear a tone darker once hanging in the daytime.

Smooth Operation!

Check that the backs of tracks are clean and free from old paint or dust and broken gliders are removed. A light spray of silicone furniture polish will make a huge difference to the smooth running of the gliders.

Curtain Care

Be guided by the care code which should be supplied with your curtains. Dry cleaning will help preserve the integrity of the fabric and is recommended wherever possible. Monthly vacuuming on both sides will prevent the build up of dust which settles in the fibres and will help to keep the good looks of your curtains and blinds.